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Post  Mila rhoda on Mon Mar 04, 2013 4:08 pm

Name: Jessa Fealore
Alpha or League I: league I
Gender: Female
RP example: "You little b..." Jessa kicked the man in the guts when he tried to rob the old lady, when the police came and took the person away Jessa walked up to the old lady, she was a little bit injured and she got treated by a doctor. "Are you alright, do you still have your purse ma'am?" Jessa asked concerned at the old lady who smiled at Jessa. "Thank you my dear, without you in the neighborhood i would get murdered, thank you so much, come by my house sometime for a nice cup of tea." Jessa nodded and said goodbye walking off to her home.
Hair: brown
Place of origin:Union Kentucky
Personality:kind, smart, intelligent, quick learner.
Flaws: clumsy when she is very nervous and jealous
Talents: Runs really fast and loves to fight.
Specialty:sword fighting
History: Jessa was always a tomboy and she loved to play outside, she grew up in a family who loved to be outside and be creative, her parents taught her that nothing could go wrong and everything happens for a reason. Jessa was different from other girls but she didn't care, she fought a lot on school and she followed all kind of fight sports. When she grew older she came more interested in fight sports so she kept doing it, it makes her feel free but when she is nervous she cannot focus on her fighting because she is too clumsy and irritated.

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