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Post  Luna Myst-Rose on Sun Dec 02, 2012 12:36 pm

Name:Luna Mysteria
RP example:I walked through the hall, Justina following behind. As we got near the corner, we split up. "Hes here, go talk to him!" Ugh, her and her Me X Max. I smile and walk up to him. We talk about funny stuff for a while, then we must part. I sigh and walk to Justina. Eager as always, she was excited to hear the report. "How'd it go?!" I sigh, and then smile. "You wouldn't believe."
Eyes:grey, flecks of jade-green and blue
Personality: Caring, charismatic, nice yet arrogant
Flaws:arrogant, has to have the last word, tends to tell you only what you need to know.
Talents: singing, swimming, persuasion
Pets: cat named kraftkat(actual name:Otis)
Specialty:Wilderness Survival
History:lived in minnesota, moved at age 9. She came to the Agency when she ran away in august. She is one of the operators of the agency( she runs it) and she frequently goes on missions. She is in the Gamma division, and she's one of the heads of it.

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